Class Fees

($225 - 15 weeks - 45 min classes - PPCC only Jan-May 2018)

($224 - 14 weeks - 60 min classes) 

Calvary Temple

Platt Park Children's Center

Rooney Ranch Elementary

Steck Elementary

Park Hill Elementary

​PH Adventures

($192 - 12 weeks - 60 min classes)

Free Horizon Montessori School of Golden

*Classes range from 45-60 minutes long one day per week for 12 - 15 weeks.  Check your child's individual school enrichment schedule for class days and times, which may vary.

Session Registration Information

The following Vívalo Kids registration information is required prior to your child’s first Vívalo class.  Click on the links below to access and print both the registration form and waiver/release form. 


Be sure to complete both forms below  and submit them along with payment to either your child's Spanish enrichment teacher or the school's main office on or before their first scheduled Vívalo class.  

2018 Summer Camp Registration and Information